Another US install completed

Nothing particularly unique about this install but thought I would share it. Still waiting on a last CT cause I realized after I ordered that I would not be able to use a single CT on 2 of my 240V circuits, just not enough wire to loop it back. I did use a splitting on one cause the CTs I had were 100A for 50A circuit. The other one I could not since it was 30A and all I had were 50A and really don’t want to shoe horn in 2 more 100A ones. But that means I still have 1 free input and have a use for it.

Biggest challenge I had was determining where to mount the iotawatt. Best location for running wire was directly below the panel, that area of the panel is least crowded and have well located knockouts. However it needed plywood extended and it also sits behind a faux wall (previous owners install, debating removing it completely). The best location for access to the iotawatt was to the side but those knockouts were crowded and the wire length would be maxed out. I decided more space to work running wires would be best.

My goals for iotawatt.

  1. Review my usage for potential solar down the road.
  2. Monitor health of pumps and the fridge. Power draw changes in pumps and compressors is usually a decent indicator of a failing pump. Also if my well pump is cycling more often then normal that could indicate a number of issues I should investigate. Actually had a previous house where the well developed a leak in the middle of the yard, did not notice until probably months later once the leak was able to make its way to the house and poured into the basement.
  3. Home Automation, set up alerts when Oven is at Preheat temp, dryer/washer done, etc.


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