Any Aussies know where to get the ECS1050 CTs?

Hey Guys,

Aussie here and wondering if any one else has tracked down a source for the recommended CTs - they look smaller than the SCT013 and are apparently more accurate. BUT i can not find them anywhere !!


You can try Don’t know what their MOQ is. Not all ECS1050 are alike. You need to ask for 50A:50mA, 3.5mm jack, 1.5m cord and TVS diode.

Thanks Bob.

Have you got any interest in buying a bulk shipment and sending it direct to me - as you sell to Aussies you could offer these and i could then ship them straight out through our local post office ? Probably save you a hell of a lot of messing around if you know everyone has the same clamps down under ?

Do you sell many IOTA to Aussies on a monthly basis ??

In the meantime i will contact them direct and see what they have to say.]