Any recommendations on low voltage sub panel boxes?

Wondering if anyone here has recommendation on the boxes they used to tie their low voltage system to the main panel for both the CT leads and IoTAwatt instilliation?

I have seen some NEMA plastic boxes that do not have knockouts but was not sure of the best size to for the hardware. Happy for any home center recommendations or online purchases others have used.

Seen something like: but these may be overkill.

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I like the BUD industries NBF series NEMA enclosures. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can get them with clear or solid door. The door is important. I would be reluctant to use a box with a screw on cover. I think you would need to drill holes for the conduit using a hole saw. No big deal.

They are available direct from BUD industries, or many models are available from Amazon, some are even Prime.

What is the recommended box dimensions to fit the device, extra cable lengths? I plan on drilling a hole for the IoTAWatt power cable. So a min box size would be better due to limited space near the panel. Thanks!

You should have your IoTaWatt tomorrow. Lay it out and see what works best for you.

Roger that. Thank you sir.

For people looking into this in the future here is a link to a thread with a nicely sized non-metallic box to hold the Iotawatt:

I really like the Orbit Sprinkler enclosure. You can see how I installed it here…

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