Any way to calculate total time over X watts of a circuit?

Hello all, I just installed my Iotawatt yesterday and am very impressed, great product!

I have 1 CT monitoring my oil boiler circuit and was wondering if there was any way to calculate total run time of the boiler, which would be total time above the standby power (about 10 watts).

I will eventually integrate this with Home Assistant so I can probably figure it out in there, I was just curious if this could be calculated in Iotawatt itself?

Thank you!

Sorry. IoTaWatt can provide the data but doesn’t have the resources to perform that analysis.

That’s probably something best done in an external database like influx or Emoncms.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it in Home Assistsnt. The Energy module is an OK dashboard, but as an analytic tool it’s really more of a toy as it only reads in 30 second increments, and only while connected and running. H there is no capability to retrieve or store any missed data. Influx and Emoncms by contrast can save 5 second data and will update missing data after any communication or server outage.

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