Any where to buy compatible ct's in europe?

Looking to expand a little, but spending 3 times as much just for shipping doesn’t justify doing that.

It does cost a bit to ship across the pond. You should be able to find YHDC SCT013-000.

I’m from Belgium and i’m also looking to buy as much as possible inside the EU because of the high import duties for anything outside of the EU.

For the CT’s I couldn’t find the AccuCT brand locally, but with this thread I was able to find these.

And I have found this transformer, looks to be the same you are selling (if the image in your shop is correct):

So with these I should be good to go without any special needs, right? Just looking for some confirmation before ordering :slight_smile:

@Fluxlicious also in belgium. Thanks for sharing.
If you want to collaborate, let me know. Always interested in like minded persons around me.

They are both supported and should work fine.

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@tokke Sure, always happy to exchange experiences. I see DM’s are disabled on this forum so send me an email. Just take my username (lowercase) and add

Anyway to sing up as an official european reseller?