Anyone try plugging a splitter into an 3.5mm extension?

Any reason why this should be avoided? My conduit space is pretty limited, so for the double CT split circuits I was thinking I’d run a single extension lead into the bottom of my panel box, into a splitter which would go into the two CTs. This is with 6ft extensions.

I would not advise doing that. The cord on a CT is rated for use with the voltages inside a panel. The splitter would most probably not. Also, many splitters have an exposed sleeve which could contact something hot inside the box and conduct it out, at best damaging the IoTaWatt or at worse delivering a possibly fatal shock to anyone handling the jack outside the box. Best practice would be to run the CT cords outside the load center and combine them there.

I’d rather be safe than sorry. Thanks! I’ll see if I can squeeze a few more cables into my conduits.