Anyone used Voltaware?

Anyone have any experience of Voltaware?
I’m an Octopus energy customer and they seem to recomend it.
Just wondering if anyone has any experience they would like to share as it’s heavily discounted for Octopus customers. But will it work though?

Looks like you are the product.

  1. To use the services, you must register for a user account and provide certain information about yourself as prompted by the applicable registration form. The information required is the property type, size, the number of people living, the number of bedrooms, if you generate power and a list of appliances.

I think I would prefer to be in full control of my data.

It is hideously expensive as well £99 (discounted from £200) to monitor a single channel. (If I read the offer right)

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You are right philrob. I’ve read up a bit more on it now and it looks pretty limited for the cost.
Plus the data issue. So that’s off my wishlist :wink: