AsyncHTTP coming along nicely

Made a lot of progress on this. Have developed a prototype class asyncHTTPrequest that basically looks and acts like xmlHTTPrequest in JavaScript. Have it working in a development branch of IoTaWatt. The beauty is that it never blocks, so for instance at 60Hz, I’m seeing sample rates of 39.5 or so steady, where the absolute limit is 40. About to start testing in a challenging WiFi situation to see if it reduces failures or eliminates. Should do wonders for timeout problems.

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Does this mean that MQTT support is coming soon? When do you plan to make it available?
Thanks a lot

Assuming the asynchronous MQTT class I’m looking at works, I’m shooting for end of March in ALPHA. Asynchronous HTTP should go to ALPHA next week.

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Is that library marvinroger’s async-mqtt-client? If so, it works well and is heavily used in the homie-esp8266 project.

Adding support for homie could also be worth considering, it is a very simple protocol to help with multiple devices posting data and being controlled via mqtt.

Yes, I’m hoping this will work out so I don’t have to develop another asynchronous library as was necessary with HTTP. Thanks for the endorsement. It does look promising.

Not sure this is something IoTaWatt could benefit from. Sounds like something that could compliment it in another box that has outputs. What is your idea?

No compelling idea really. Just a consideration for a protocol that may ease integration with other sensors. Might save making up yet another ad-hoc protocol.