Australia - 2 x iotawatt's - 1 for measuring 3 phase and another for single phase

Hi - Recently purchased a house that seems to be an electricity pig that I need to show realtime data to the family so they can help bring power usage under control.

Here is a picture of the supboard that im dealing with:

The top left board is where the 3 phase actions happens:

The bottom left is LED lights and the right side is everything else.

My thoughts are that I would need 1 unit to measure the 3 phase mains power (3 x 100amp CT), 3 phase solar (3 x 50amp CT), 3 phase aircon (3 x 50amp CT) and then another unit that will monitor the rest which is all single phase.

I don’t want to measure the individual circuits for the single phase, is it possible to measure off each safety switch? or do I group circuits and have their feeds go through a single CT? Looking to buy from where they use IoTaWatt 100amp Split Core Current Transformer so I have no idea how much room there is to group feeds and hence just wanting to read from the safety switches.

Here are my thoughts:

Just looking for validation before I hit the buy now :slight_smile: