Authentication required?

All of a sudden my IotaWatt wants to authenticate.

‘admin’ and password ‘IotaWatt’ don’t work.

Has there been any firmware updates etc?

No updates. Is there anyone else on your WiFi network that may have setup a password? Have you ever setup a password?

I rebooted my wifi and it’s back… so that’s odd. It was definitely Iotawatt though, because if I clicked away from the login it went to a very simply page with “Iotawatt login” written on it.

If I have setup a password previously I don’t remember.

Anyway, it’s back now. It’s slow though, through the interface. It doesn’t seem to impact my Home Assistant integration which is pretty rock solid.

Can you run the file manager and see if there is a file /iotawatt/auth.txt?

It’s really slow through the web interface. I’ll try and rule out a poor connection.

Do I need to do anything with logs and disk space or is that all automatic?