Automated Alert if Current is Outside Set Parameters

We have a few scenarios where we really need alerts if a breaker has tripped (critical servers, med equipment breakers, etc). They’re supplied via UPS units that provide battery backup, but the UPS units available in our region (Southern Africa) don’t have options to link to the cloud. From looking at emoncms chart, we can easily see when a breaker trips cause the current goes to 0.

Is there a way in IotaWatt or Emoncms or other idea someone has to get email alert when a feed current goes outside of a defined range?

This looks like a good Node-RED application. Is there anybody proficient in that who can help get this user started in that direction?

You could used via influx and grafana with alerts I would suggest.

I use Grafana and Influx and have a text message sent if say my barn lights were left on or if the well pump run to long (water left running) or the big one if my freezer is outside of range.

Yep node-red is an easy one for this - happy to help them out if they do not feel like diving into Grafana and influx