Availability of base units

I’ve noticed that the IotaWatt base units are currently out of stock in the store. Is there any estimate for when these will be available again? I’m ready to buy my second unit as soon as these are available.
My apologies if this has already been asked/answered. I looked around a bit in the various categories and didn’t see anything similar.



IoTaWatt Base Units are out of stock

Expect restock in 1-2 weeks (Nov 21 – Dec 1). Demand has soared while we are encountering the same supply chain issues as everyone else. Fortunately manufacturing was ramped up several months ago, all of the parts are now in New Hampshire and new units are being built as you read this.

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Thanks for your prompt reply. Would it be possible to post again on this thread when they are in stock again?


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I’m also interested in buying the Standard Base V5. Any ETA on when new units might become available?


The manufacturer is now saying that it won’t be this week. They are completely swamped with work and New Hampshire is now the Covid capital of the USA.

Thanks for the update. Hoping for next week then.

Is there any way to pre-order the bundle? My Aeotec HEM died yesterday and I want to upgrade to the iotawatt. I’d like to improve my chances of getting one from the next batch.


It would be really great if it would be possible to pre-order the bundle. I really need to install as soon as possible a IotaWatt inside an hotel in order to monitor the overall consumption. In the first months of the next year we are going to install a new power-hungry application so I (desperately) need consumption patterns to understand how much power I will need.



I just have a question, it says shipping by Monday December 9?

I hope it is not Monday December 9 2024 :wink: But in all seriousness I would like to know when I might be getting my two systems :slight_smile:


Thanks for picking that up. Won’t take quite that long. Monday Dec 13.


When will the Base be back in stock? Any chance to Pre-Order?

I will update the estimate on the store front page when I know more.

Any chance of getting on a waiting list or preorder?