Awesome product! First time North American user

Disclosure:I am a pretty experienced DIY’er as far as electrical things are concerned. I did a lot of reading before I ordered.
I received my Iotawatt stuff bundle on Tuesday, the 14th of September and had my unit installed, my 2.4GH WIFI connected with no problem; first two CT’s installed on my sub panel Mains (Accu-H063-100) on a 200A service within 1 hour.
I played with the data outputs on these first CT’s for a day or two before proceeding. I then installed 12 more CT’s (all HO40-50) (including reversing wire polarity on two 240v appliances) so that I could get by using 1 CT on each of those split phase circuits. Worked perfectly!
I had been considering Sense but read a Amazon review that mentioned IotaWatt and I’m so glad I decided against Sense in favor of IotaWatt.


Sense, TED and the like are all garbage. this is the best monitor for less than $1K by far.

I have had them all and this is the only one I do not regret buying.

I almost felt guilty selling the others on eBay. I should have recycled them to save the buyers grief!