Basic setup is okay ? Questions

So I just got my IotaWatt. I have a 400A panel(2 main switchs). I connected 2 AcuCT-H100-200 one on each main wire. (Main_1 and Main_2) I also connected 1 AcuCT-H040-50 to a secondary circuit where my home servers are connected. On the status window I can see:

Input_0: 121.0 Volts
Main_1: 2553 Watts, pf 1.00
↺ Main_2: 4420 Watts, pf 1.00
↺ Servers: 806 Watts, pf 1.00
MainsConsumption: 6973.5 Watts
MainsExport: 0.0 Watts

Does this seem right ?
What are the small ↺ on the side of Main_2 and Servers ??
Why the Main_2 is always higher than Main_1 ? Shouldn’t they be similar ?

The ↺ means that the CT is sensing reverse current and has corrected to be positive. The docs instruct you to install the two mains CTs in opposite polarity because they are 180° apart. You have probably installed them the same way. No problem, just go into the setup app for Main_2 and click the “reverse” box and the arrow will go away.

The Servers circuit is also reversed. Same thing to fix.

The obvious reason that Main_2 is higher is that it has more load. Your 120V circuits draw from only one Main, so there is probably an imbalance. 1,900 Watts is not a big deal. Another explanation could be wrong configuration, but I go with Occam’s Razor.

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