Best PV micro-inverters for DIY monitoring?

Hello All.

I am just purchasing a set of several panels with micro-inverters.
I start small (4 panels) and plan to add some more in the future.

What micro-inverters are the most robust and most friendly to open-source-haking solutions?

I’d like to have solid quality micro-inverters (in terms of taking care of PV behaviour) but I would also like to be able to monitor them using some open source tools.

At the final circuit, I will use IoTaWatt to monitor the total solar power production but I’d like to have my data for each separate panel.

For example, Hoymiles uses some proprietary 2.4 GHz NRF wireless modules that are not documented as an open standard.
There is a work-in-progress project available regarding reverse-engineering the micro-inverter communication but not working yet.

Which micro-inverters do you recommend?

Kind regards

I have Enphase micros now for going on 4 years. I did a DIY install and the data tracking they provide is great. It looks like they are about to close off their API for individual users for the most part but their seems to be a community interested in gaining the data directly from the micros locally.

I am not sure if I have more data access since I self-installed but I think one of the main benefits to micros and optimizers is panel level details. Don’t all these systems provide this for users? I have read that it depends on how much access your installer provides you so maybe that was never an issue as I did the install myself and have the data the installer would have.