Big difference between IotaWatt - solar.web/power provider - resolved

After finishing setup (thanks to overeasy) - I have compared the numbers of daily PV generation and export with the numbers I see on solarweb (gerneration) and smart-meter values of my power provider.
There are huge differences - and I wanted to find out what is going wrong.

06/29/22 generation:
IotaWatt: 22.3 kWh (DATA+ statistics Sum/integral) pv_sum (3 phase sum)
SolarWeb: 29,4 kWh (SolarWeb - History - total power)

06/29/22 export:
IotaWatt: 10,4 kWh (Data+ statistics Sum/integral) grid.neg abs (3 phase sum)
smartmeter 13,7 kWh (actual week statistics - selected 29th of June)

What is going wrong?
Using CT SCT013-000
Voltage on VT with Phase A messured and factor is corrected

Will upload config afterwards…


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First thing I would check is that you actually have SCT013-000 (100A:50mA) and not one of the voltage types. I’d like to see a picture of the CT with the label showing.

I’d like to see your status display during PV generation.

If nothing turns up there, I’d suggest going through the three-phase setup procedure in the Docs, insuring that a resistive load like a hair dryer shows the same Watts on each phase.

Here is the status display - will post CT asap.

I was not aware, that I have this voltage type CTs - but the label shows 30A/1V (SCT013

I have found the reason - one CT delivery was wrong - sending it back and ordering the correct ones.
I now changed the correct CTs (100A/50ma) I have to the PV lines → values are now correct!
Sorry - my fault - only looked at the name - not the values.

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From an Australian perspective - the other thing to double check is that the reporting dates for your iotaWatt and energy company are aligned. eg what timezone is the energy company using (it should be the same as local to you but isn’t always). You will need to match it with your iotaWatt timezone setting.

Thanks for the hint, but from Austrian perspective, we have only one TZ here :wink:
Now I have 6 correct CTs in place for PV and grid and all looks good.
Uploader to PVoutput is now also running as expected.
Thanks again - greetings from a today cloudy Austria.

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