Black friday special?

Are you going to have any specials for black friday? I want to get it now but fear you will have some discount in few weeks :frowning:

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Haven’t given it any thought.

I’m interested in this too! Got a few of my colleagues convinced to get IoTaWatt as well, be good to get a black friday sale :smiley:

A special would probably encourage me to buy now even though I’m already overloaded with projects.

I’d definitely be interested if there was a special. :blush:

I’ve been considering setting this up for my kids for Christmas present. Some kind of special would probably make up my mind. Two setups.

Any decision on this?

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This device is already a bargain, and will probably pay for itself in no time by showing you exactly how much power you are using and when, allowing you to eliminate expensive standby consumption and shift your time of use (to solar production or off peak times), especially in conjunction with PVOutput which you can configure with your daily supply charge, import/export rates, TOU tariffs, etc.

I bought it at the regular price which was already half the price of a commercial system I tried first (Solar Analytics, money down the drain) even with 14 CTs (more than double the number Solar Analytics supports).

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