Brickwall, pls help, IoTaWatt running, inputs into emoncms, and that where it stops

The IoTaWatt arrived 3 days ago, installed the CT’s all was going so well, I built the Raspberry PI for the Emoncms device, I was able to have the data arrive into emoncms, and thats where the wheels fell off.
I have read many post, but I just cannot make the emoncms use the inputs and display a nice graphic as to the solar nett consumtion etc, could anyone please help me ?

I have created the feeds as per below, but nothing works

This is what is displayed when I check the feeds tab:

Is it possible that you didn’t save the input process list? I am using the cloud Emoncms and my inputs list shows the processes:

Can you post your inputs list again to see if it shows the process lists?

Hi overeasy, anything is possible, I know once where I have made the mistake, and it is rectified, all will be so easy, but at this stage - no idea.
I assume you mean the emoncms inputs ?, I will send as much information as I can

The interesting item is that when I create the process, there is no confirm / save button, is this normal ?, I assume they auto save once created.
The only option I have is the ‘X’ at the top right of the creation screen

Hi overeasy, found a screen shot of creating a process, and there is an option to ‘Save’ the processes. Thios option was still not on my web interface (local raspberry Pi 3B), so I decided to press the TAB key twice to mirror where the ‘save’ buton would be, and now it is saved. Wow a special hidden save button, this is hard work for a newbie.

the Feeds look like the following:

Emoncms is a product of Open Energy Monitor. The details don’t mean anything to me. If you have now saved your process lists, everything should work.