Calculator Question - Display Max Ever Amps?

I’ve been messing around with it and I can’t seem to figure it out

I’m looking to find a way to display max ever power. My Generator will do 104a max on each leg, so It would be neat to see if I’ve ever gone over 104a (Or 25kw)

You can’t do that with the calculator or the IoTaWatt data log. You would need to use influx or maybe EmonCMS.

Also, you will need to decide what you mean by maximum. When you query or upload, you get the average for each interval. The minimum interval is 5 seconds.

Thanks for the information

5 Seconds should be fine, anything under 5 seconds would be handled even if it was well over capacity

To update this thread, I’ve been very happy with the data out of InfluxDB

If anyone is looking for the same thing, I’d suggest using Grafana for it