Can anyone browse device with direct build - resolved

To any of the other Homebrewers ( besides Bob , because i know he can :wink: )
Has anyone been able to compile a version - any version with updates set to “None” that can be browsed from http?
I have tried absolutely everything and most firmware versions and in each and every instance ( without fail ) i cannot access the device via browser ( can always ping and always see on router ) but cannot access. Each time i try with an update class it works after the update. But from a direct compile with no update - NEVER.
This is driving me crazy - please any pointers if anyone has ever been able to do this ??

I am not certain if this is a bug of sorts or intentional , but either way - impossible IMO.

Ps. Bob , please PM me with the solution , so that i can go away …

@Bob - i did it !!! Very chuffed with myself :wink:
I can now second you in that it can be done. Great Stuff Bob

Congratulations. Most problems yield to persistence.