Can CTs interfere with powerline ethernet?

My powerline ethernet bandwidth recently plummeted. I’ve had a number of things installed in my home (Solar, PowerWall, and CTs on most of my circuits), so I’m trying to figure out what the culprit is. Does anyone know if it’s possible for CTs to interfere with powerline ethernet?

Unfortunately, you have not said where you are located, but I have a feeling it might be in the UK, which is where I live.

I have been successfully using Power Line Adapters (PLAs) since September 2015. Three different power circuits are involved that requires passage through the distribution box housing the fuses. I have two different manufacturers of PLAs in use dealing with separate requirements. Two TP-Link PLAs carrying out one task and five Edimax PLAs dealing with a second task. Like you, we have Solar, PowerWall, and CTs on most circuits - a total of 14 CTs of various Amperages.

The odd occasion when a drop in performance has been noticed, is when it it is assumed that some engineering work is being carried out somewhere. This is because a return to the usual performance sometime occurs quickly and on other occasions it may take several days.

I hope you find my experience helpful.