Can efergy CT clamp be used with the iotawatt?

I have a few of those left from an earlier install.
They look like this:

Looks identical to the one on the site.

I just got an idea where I could use two more, and of course I’ve already placed my order, the person running the site is just too efficient in dispatching orders :slight_smile:

Short answer - No without modifying CT or software - both not recommended. Efergy CT has extra components.

Longer Answer - Look at this post where there is some discussion on the Efergy CT circuit.

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Thank you for your comprehensive answer.

What about this one?


seems that this one is suitable:

just a bit big. Found here also reference to DL-CT08CL5​-20A/10mA or HWCT004 50A/50mA

This one will work OK for up to 100A load. It can be selected from the setup screen shown below:

Ideally you want something that will drive 50mA at full rated load otherwise you sacrifice a lot of resolution for example if you use a 20A/10mA CT.