Can not set up (either ping) IoaWatt

Good morning

I just recieved my IotaWatt. I asked my company to buy one and we have a problem setting it up we can not solve.

We followed the installation process from the very beginning, connecting a computer to the IoTaWattXXXX wifi network and writing my company’s wifi network name and password. The LED turned solid green and we are able to see the IP address that the IotaWatt is getting in the network.

But when we try to move forward with the configuration process:

  • I try to enter the configuration menu using the address _http://iotawatt.local/, b_ut the browser response is iotawatt.local’s server IP address could not be found.
  • We find the IP address the IotaWatt is getting from the wifi network, and try to ping it from the same network with no response.
  • We can not continue configuring it and we can not reset the wifi network parameters either because we iotawatt.local/ web address doesn’t work.

Is there a way to hard rest and begin from zero again?
Any idea of what can be failing? Could be a hardware failure?

Any advice will be welcome. I asked my company to buy this device and I need to solve this issue asap.

Thank you very much

This address is resolved using the multicast DNS system (mDNS) popularly known by Apple’s product Bonjour. Typically you need to install Bonjour or some other mDNS implementation to access.

Apple products like iPhones and iPads should work with no modification at all.

If you have the IP address, you can enter that into the browser URL address: (as an example).

You can disconnect from any given WiFi network once you establish browser communication, but if you cannot get basic communication, you can move the IoTaWatt out of range of the previously connected WiFi and start it up. It should blink red-green-green for up to three minutes. During this time, the IoTaWatt should be in AP mode and will be broadcasting it’s SSID as when you first connected it. Connect to it and configure the new WiFi network.

This is the hardest part of setting up the IoTaWatt. It uses a pretty standard set of ESP8266 WiFi tools to start, setup, and serve on the WiFi network.

If you are using windows machines, see this tip: Connecting using http://IotaWatt.local