Can’t connect to configuration - resolved

Havnt been on for a week and now when I try to pull up graphs and status it won’t load the page… lite is solid green. I unplugged the iotawatt and looked to see if it would pop up to connect but it’s not showing it to connect to

There was an update last Sunday that would have caused a restart. It has caused a few to have problems accessing the IoTaWatt. I believe these incidences are due to the units receiving a new IP address after the restart while the browsers are still using the old address.

If possible, can you try turning off your router and computer, then powering up the router, then computer. Whenb you are sure the computer is connected to the router, power cycle the IoTaWatt, then try to access the IoTaWatt.

The best thing to do to preclude these problems is to configure your router to assign a fixed IP address to the IoTaWatt.

Tried it, didn’t work

By power cycle I assume u meant just unplug and plug back in, and by the try to access iotawatt u meant try to access the configuration. It is still green

Yes, the usb power supply. Is the led still green?

Yes sir still green.

Ok, the unit is connected. If you have a different computer or phone, could you try using that. If not, can you access your router’s device table to determine the IP address of the IoTaWatt?

What is the device table? I’m using an ipad

Different routers will call it differently, but it is a list of the connected devices, usually containing the host name, MAC address, and IP address.

I could try using my wife’s phone, what should I do with it?

Use the browser and go to iotawatt.local. The phone must be connected to the lan I.e. your WiFi.

It’s not loading on her phone either… how can I access the device table?

Routers are all different, but basically you log into them and there is a user interface. I really can’t be more specific.

Does your IoTaWatt upload data to a server, and if so, does that appear to be updating ok?

I typed routers IP address in browser now trying to find device table. What do u mean by “does your iotawatt upload data to a server”? I only use the graphs and status page

Found device table now what?

That would be a no to the upload question that refered to PVoutput, influxDB or Emoncms.

I have found the IP address of the iotawatt in device tables

Great! now could you use that to access the iotawatt by typing:
http://(ip address)
instead of iotawatt.local?

Really appreciate the quick responses… thx a lot, it’s working great as usual again

To wrap this up, your computer thinks the IoTaWatt is at a different IP address because it changed when the IoTaWatt restarted and was assigned a different address by your router. Now that you know how to access your router, you might look for the feature to fix the IP address that gets assigned to a particular device. It usually means just selecting it from a list and clicking a button.

At some point, the stars will align and your computer will start to recognize iotawatt.local again.

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