Can’t delete graph saved in Graph+

Just revisiting this.
I have been playing with the Graph+ today and noticed that created(saved) graphs cannot be deleted from the graph+ GUI.

Tried to rename a graph and it saved it as a new graph.

Tried very basic name, 5 letters, no spaces, no special characters. Makes no difference.

Tried removing all data input fields, saving, and then deleting, no dice.

East to delete in the file manager GUI so it is no real “issue” I guess.

Will look into this. During development, when including a prototype version in the ALPHA releases, I screwed up and introduced an ambiguity in the file saving system. I should have simply put these new Graph+ files into a different directory. Now the server has to try to differentiate them by examining the contents. No doubt this is another whackamole problem from that blunder.