Cannot acces configuration

my iotawatt is running strong for few months now.
but is there a update that did something with the stability of the device ?
my wifi connection is 2meter from the AP line in sight:

1 of the 30 attemts i get an graphical interface that wont respond.
10 of the 30 attemts i get no graphical interface just plain buttons that also wont respond.
and otherwise i just cant get anything to show up.
but it is still updating emoncms and influxdb.
how to fix this without resetting ?

example of the plain buttons that also wont respond

There have been no recent updates. Your problem looks like a communication error. I understand that your AP is very near the IoTaWatt. Nevertheless, it looks like a communication problem. Did anything change with your WiFi?

I suggest you try running your WiFi on a different channel. It’s possible that something is interfering with the current frequency. There are a lot of home devices that operate on that 2.4MHz.