Cannot connect to the device

I am trying to do the initial setup on my iotawatt device. I have the green light flashing, no red-green-green pattern. Also, I am seeing AI_Thinker come up on available devices, not iotawatt. Lastly I cannot connect to iotawatt.local at all from my phone and two different laptops. I am at a loss…


Hello Steve,

That sound like the unit wasn’t flashed. I will send you a Private Message to resolve the problem.

I replied to your private message. No fix in site yet.

Sorry, don’t see the reply.

I changed my SSID/PSK to the ones noted. rebooted both the router and the iotawatt to no avail… I guess it gets to come home for a visit.

I have put the unit in a box on its way back to you with my original invoice (copy) for your reference.

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On its way back. Tracking 9405509205568165060659.

The problem was as I described. It connected and flashed right away.

Good news… Not real sure why it wouldn’t connect from here. Thanks for the quick turn around.

Got the unit back, fired right up, installed and working perfectly.

Steve VanWambeck

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