Can't save influxDB_v2

I have followed this InfluxDB Setup - Why can't I save? - #9 by overeasy
with no joy, has anyone else had this issue?

There are messages that the organization ID and Authorization are required. The organization ID is clearly missing. The Authorization token should be copied from influx and pasted direcly.

When these are resolved, you should get the save option.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t understand where I’m supposed to find “Organization ID” from the InfluxDB 2.0 Web GUI.

Can anyone help point me to this? Screenshot?

I too was confused by the missing SAVE button. Since the documentation mentions 16 hex characters, while the iotawatt GUI does not mention Hex, I eventually guessed that I needed more characters in that field than “my-org”

My problem is what 16 characters?

I set the 88 character token no problem.

I’m certainly new to using InfluxDB. I did successfully create a telegraf service pushing host data into influx. In that case, the telegraf config is only provided host url, token, and organization name “my-org”. No 16-digit hex code was needed.

Ok Ok. I found the 16-digit Organization ID (Hex)

It’s in the InfluxDB URL of basically every configuration / monitoring page.

it also can found when you click on your profile circle and select ‘about’ - listed on the right side under organiztions