Change wifi channel on router,Hub wont reconnect

I had to change the wifi channel on router due to conflicts with my new ISP router. I rebooted/restarted router/iotaWatt but the hub will not reconnect. I decided to reset the channel back to it original number. Rebooted/restarted everything but it a no-go. What next?

What does the LED show right after you power cycle the IoTaWatt?

Right after I plug it in, for about 1-2 seconds the LED is solid green. Thereafter, it flashes red, green, green repeatedly for 1+ minute (I didnt time it) then the LED flashed red (forever).

I found the iotawatt SSID on my mobile (had been working on my pc before this) and tried to reconnect this way.I went through the Configure WIFI option and selected the wifi SSID I had been using. It saved the config alright but the end result was the same. No connection
Gonna try the Reset option next

Update: After the reset I started from start as described in Connecting to WiFi. I am now reconnected. Not sure why the iotawa SSID didnt show up on my PC but it was only after using my mobile was I able to solve this problem

Don’t know what you mean by reset option, but it appears you have reconnected ok. Not aware of any reason the AP mode SSID broadcast would appear on your phone and not your PC. There is probably more to the story.

Yeah, I am pretty sure that when I set it up initially I used only my PC. This time none of my (3) PC showed this SSID. My iPhone, on the same network, showed it right away…

The Reset option is the last choice on the WiFiManager menu

When the IoTaWatt is flashing RGG it is AP mode and is the network. It’s not connected to any other network from your router or any other AP in the vicinity. Your phone probably remembered the password for the IoTaWatt SSID (iotaxxxxx) and connected. Your PCs should have shown the IoTaWatt SSID if you looked at other networks available.