Changing the IoTaWatt Wifi network

I would like to change the network that my meter was first set up on. How can i do that?
How can I reset my meter essentially to the factory settings?

To disconnect the WiFi network, enter


Then power cycle and it should restart with the RED-GREEN-GREEN led sequence like a new IoTaWatt.

To reset the history and current data logs, enter


The IoTaWatt willrestart automatically.

It does not work unfortunately.
How can I connect this meter on a mobile hotspot? I need to have my data uploaded without having to move the meter to a localized wifi point. Is that even possible?

What does not work? When you enter the disconnect command, the led on your iotawatt should turn red. When you restart, it should blink RED-GREEN-GREEN for about 3 minutes. Does that happen?

the command does not load, when entered in a search engine will not load

I don’t know what to tell you. The command API does work.

I have deliberately not provided easy access to this functionality in the config app because it could cause situations where you would need to understand how do do these URL commands anyway.

So an alternative approach for changing the WiFi network is to make the currently configured network unavailable at power on, either by turning the router off, or moving the IoTaWatt out of range. Then when you power cycle the IoTaWatt, it will enter AP mode for three minutes and allow you to specify a new WiFi network by connecting and using the captive portal as in the new IoTaWatt connection documentation.

There is no alternative for resetting the logs, but that isn’t something that is necessary.

Instead of typing in


try using the device’s current TCP/IP address

for example…

This assumes the device is currently connected to the original AP you set it up on.

My Windows 10 computer, after a fairly recent operating system upgrade, will no longer resolve *.local addresses. I have no idea why, so I simply use the IP address instead.