Complex 600A + Solar + NG Generator

I’m trying to configure a system to fit my somewhat over-sized residential needs.

My master service is 600A. It comes into a large panel and splits off to six 200A sub-panels. All have breakers in the main panel. Then, each 200A service has it’s own sub-panel box. One is near the main panel, but others are scattered around the property (including barn and well pump house).

The transfer switch for the natural gas generator and the solar input are next to the master panel.

I would like to monitor as much as possible but as simply as possible without scattering sensors all over the place.

Can I just wire up the main panel and whack a sensor on each of the 200A circuits?


From what you describe I would give a tentative yes. Pictures of the main panel with the cover both on (to see the circuit labels) and off (to see the wiring) would be helpful to verify. Need to see how the solar is interconnected to advise what can be done with that.

You should be able to monitor the mains and the six 200A panels with one IoTaWatt at the main panel. To monitor the solar it would be necessary to either combine the measurements of two of the 200A panels or measure one of them through a differential method.

But pictures first.

Thanks for the reply. On second thought, I don’t need solar monitoring as my inverters manage that ok for now.

I need advice on what to install first. Major items to monitor

  • multiple furnaces
  • multiple AC condensors
  • multiple water heaters
  • well pump, cistern pump, sump pump
  • outdoor lighting and entry gate
  • a few refrigerators, tvs, computers
  • washer/dryer
  • sauna heater
  • three electric garage heaters (which are very rarely used)
  • assorted plugs and lights


  • master panel with 600a service and six 200a breakers for sub-panels. Near generator line.
  • Panel 1. electric heat, AC condensers, exterior lighting
  • Panel 7. three-phase service. Not using at present.


  • Panel 1A - barn electric heat, water heater

Basement Closet A

  • Panel 2. refrigerator, sump pump, W/D
  • Panel 3. three electric water heaters, sauna, garage heater

Basement Closet B

  • Panel 4 - mini-refrigerators and one furnace.

Basement Closet C

  • Panel 5 - three separate boxes for furnaces

Well Pump House

  • Panel 6 - well pump, cistern pumps, waterfall pump (WiFi signal will be tough)

I’m thinking I need monitoring for all dedicated circuits or those with refrigerator, W/D, etc.
master - base + 7x200a
P1 - base + 3x50
P2/3 - base + 8x50
P4 - base + 3x50
P5 - base + 3x50
P6 - base + 3x50 plus external antenna

Total - 6 base, 7x200a, 20x50a. Sounds expensive!

Comments requested! Maybe I should start with master and one other panel? Which one?