Conduit size for 8 and 5 CT leads

I plan to install 8 CT’s in the main panel and 5 in the back-up power panel. Allowing for 3.5mm Cable Extension Audio Cable connectors, what size conduit would be recommended for the conduit to run the leads to the base? The plug and socket connections can be staggered so the cable bundle diameter would be less than all the connectors in one place. I would guess the 5 cables could fit in 1-inch “Smurf” (un-split) conduit? The 8 cable bundle would go through a short connection from the gutter below the main, shop, and barn panels to an Orbit timer box. See photo for location mock-up.

1" is pretty small inside. Consider larger PVC conduit.

I see you are planning a duplex outlet for the ACref and USB power supply. The Orbit box has a builtin duplex GFCI right inside the box, and there is room for both of those inside. One word of caution, the GFCI that comes with it has been reported to be junk, and I can verify that I have had problems with one blowing off for no reason. I replaced the GFCI with a standard duplex outlet.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I did not know an outlet was included and wondered how the well photographed installation included it. I should have read the write-up instead of just dropping the order based on the provided link. The Orbit box was supposed to arrive today but has been delayed by the on going snow storm. It will held to have it in hand to work out the details for installation
The gutter gives me direct access to the feeds to the panel. May I assume there is not problem installing the CT’s on the lines before the main breakers?
The low voltage lines from the keep alive panel ideally will be in conduit when the cross the ceiling to get to the Orbit box. Getting the lines out of a flush mounted and very full panel may be more work. I think I’ll have to buy the 5 extension cords early and see what the bundle looks like.
Thanks again for the help,

That should be fine.

Again thanks. While I wait for the components to arrive, I read that Cat 6 cable can be used to connect the CT’s to the Base. The connectors are easily available, and I can solder. I am considering running two Cat 6 cables to the 5 keep-alive panel CTs. Is this a good idea? It would give me 3 spare pairs if I decide to add more CT’s.

Yes, that should work fine. Out of curiosity, what would you be willing to pay for a little circuit board with a RJ45 connector and 4 3.5mm jacks? This keeps coming up and it would be easy to lay one out and get some made, but small runs are expensive by the time you buy a stencil and pay for SMT setup. Maybe a board kit with thru-hole for the intrepid DIY.

Using a pair of pre-made Ethernet cables from the keep-alive panel to base would definitely benefit from having the circuit board adapter. If I am correct, I’d need four, two at each end. Soldering jacks and plugs to each pair of Cat 6 - 24g wire would be delicate and prone to mis-handeling. So if the cost was reasonable, I’d buy if they cost in the $10-15 range each or $5-10 for the kit. I have no idea what they would cost in small quantities, so forgive me if I’ve been insulting.

No offense taken. Just a data point.