Config file missing

I recently bought two IoTaWatts for a home monitoring research project. Let’s call them left and right.

The left failed completely about a week ago, with the SD failure mentioned in other posts. As such, I bought a couple of new SDs (SAMSUNG 32GB Evo Plus Class 10 Micro SDHC). I followed the steps in: Building a new SDcard and it worked like a charm, and the system is up and going without a hiccup.

For the right system, although they were of the same batch, I did not get any problems until a couple of days ago when it was showing a green light but it was not accessible or posting any data on the server for two days. I am not sure if this was caused by the SD but as a safety measure, I decided to follow the same procedure I did with the other one and change the SD. However, both when I copied the previous config file or used the basic installation one, I would get the G-R-R-G error (no config file found). Any thoughts on what might be causing this? I have since put the original SD that came with the system back into the IoTa and the system is working fine (for now?), but I am baffled by this lack of config file error.

Any help is appreciated,

Could be anything. The message log is the place to start. If the unit shows data up until the time you changed the SDcard (using Graph+), it most likelywas a WiFi issue. Again, the message log should be examined or posted for me to look at.

Could be the new SDcard was not formatted compatible FAT32. Could have been EXFat.

If you still have the original SD from the left system, try formatting it FAT32 using the SD Association Formatter. Then copy the contents of the right system card to it, swap in and restart.

Save those Evo Plus cards for something that needs a high performance 32GB card. IoTaWatt will not perform better with a bigger or faster card.

Cheers got it, I’ll send them over as soon as I have access to my IoTa.