Configuration parse failed: Unexpected end of JSON input


After reconfiguring the InfluxDB WebServer today I am getting this message below the main menu:
“configuration parse failed: Unexpected end of JSON input”

Restarting the unit didn’t help.
I can go to the file manager, and I see that config.txt is empty: hopefully I didn’t lose the entire configuration for the unit??

Any suggestion?

Thanks for the SPIFF backup, I was able to restore the config from the File Manager and everything is back to normal.
The same InfluxDB config change didn’t trigger the problem this time, the only difference being I chose 600 instead of 1800 as the Post Interval.


There should be a copy of your last known good config file in the SPIFFS file system:


There’s no way to move it directly to the SD root directory, so what I would recommend is to click on the copy to open it in the editor, select and copy all of the contents, then click on the empty config.txt in the SD root directory and paste the backup contents into it. CTRL-S will save it and you should be good to go.

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