Configuration parse failed: Unexpected token

This morning I went to check on something and saw this error message:

My data was populating Home Assistant OK and the IoTaWatt Graphing is working, so the data is being captured but I couldn’t access the configuration setup or view the data in the status window.

I was able to use the restart option and it has cleared the error, working normally now:

I did read a few older threads reporting similar errors but didn’t learn much.

Just checking in to see if this is something to be concerned about.


The app requested a copy of the config.txt file from the IoTaWatt and the file hat was delivered was not valid Json.

It could be that the file was just transferred in error, but that’s unlikely and I’ve never seen it.

More likely, the file was corrupted by some other means and when you restarted the IoTaWatt, it discovered that the file was bad and recovered the last good config. If that happened, there would be messages to that effect in the message log.

In either case, if you cannot identify some event that might have damaged the file, it would be prudent to replace the SDcard.

Yesterday I made a very minor change to the VT calibration factor for phase RED (input 0). Something like changing it from 23.18 to 23.12. I used the drop down box for the calibration factor to choose that new factor.

That change took effect and was evident in the data I reviewed this morning. It was just a small adjustment in voltages.

I note the calibration factor following restart has reverted to what it was prior to yesterday’s change.