Confirm what to buy for Australia please

Hi there, I want to buy this but have 2 questions.

  1. Is my system 3 phase? I attach pics of the meter and circuits for your viewing pleasure ;-). If it is then I can just get the standard 240v unit? or do I need something different?

  1. I will need 14 clamps to plug into the iotawatt. I see on the that most common are the 50amp ones. Judging by my attached pics and the 14 circuits I need to cover, is this correct?

I can’t wait to have this data all added to my pvoutput profile for my solar.

Thanks in advanced.

Looks like three-phase. Yes, you can use the same equipment as single-phase. You will need three CTs on the mains and will require that you familiarize yourself with the three-phase derived reference setup procedure, which is somewhat complicated.

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Thanks for the reply @overeasy

The 3 mains seem to be labelled C63 whichis probably the amps that is rated for. Does that mean they would need 3 x CT100 clamps? That would make sense.

I will read up on that in the docs.

Ok, I think that makes more sense to me now. Every circuit breaker requires a CT to be monitored!

Can the CTs be grouped together in the app config? If not i can wrangle the data i think.

I have 17 circuit breakers so I would need the same number of CT clamps. Rather than buying a second Iotawatt board is it possible to combine the 3 mains and 3 pool into one input?

I think 50s should be OK on the mains, but 100s are OK too.

Circuits on the same phase can be combined into one CT.

Inputs can be used with Scripts via Outputs and the calculator. You can, for instance, not measure one circuit on each phase and create an output by subtracting everything else on that phase from the corresponding main phase. That would get you down to 14.

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That’s great. How is that done? Is there an adapter?

I saw on below this post that you can just use headphone splitters. So ill need 3 and have to pay attention to the phase direction.


Can i use this with 3 x CT100’s?

Probably, if the three loads do not exceed 100A. It is better to combine all of the conductors through one CT if possible.

Not sure you understand about phase. You have three different phases. You can only combine circuits on the same phase.

I think you are right. I haven’t read up on it yet. Sorry.

Are the 3 mains (3 phase and 100 amps) all identical and if so they should be able to be combined into one CT?

No, they are not identical. They cannot be combined.

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Thank you. I will need 3 CT100 for them.

The other 11 remaining iotawatt inputs will have to be combined in some fashion. So good.

Thank you very much @overeasy you are really helpful and i appreciate your time and clarity.