Confirmation of Parts for three phase 2+ units

Hi I am looking to expand my Iotawatt Capabilities. It seems that the best way to aggregate data is through influxDB and then however I choose to display it? The units do not aggregate on their own I presume? MY question revolves around the need for extra CTs, which are easy enough to install, however if I purchase a second unit, will I also need to use separate VT’s or can I simply attach the CT’s and somehow reference my VTs. I have three phase and I will be using 3 VT’s for my main unit. Thank you!


The units will not aggregate. You must upload to influx or Emoncms.

Each unit needs it’s own USB power adapter (no using USB hubs or otherwise splitting a single power supply).

You can split the AC adapters to service multiple units, but it must be a physical connection. 5.5mm barrel jack splitters are recommended. They are usually available from CCTV suppliers. It is imperative that the splitters preserve polarity. The commercial splitters are usually used for DC so they can be relied on to preserve polarity.