Consumption Calculations

Am I losing my mind or I just saved myself $1000 per year by identifying a constant usage with your fantastic device?
I’m a little bit confused about how the IotaWatt reports the usage.
I’m getting the data in 5 seconds interval and I sum the results through InfluxDB2 for an aggregate window of 1 minute and I’m getting these results:

I could see a constant usage of about 15watts that I couldn’t explain. I switched off a charger in my garage and the usage dropped below 3 watts which makes sense considering the garage opener.
so If I could save 10watts per minute, does this mean that I saved 0.6kw per hour?
If yes then that translates to over 5000Kw per year which I assume means 5000KwH per year.

Does this make sense or I’m making incorrect assumptions or calculations?

I don’t think it means you’re loosing your mind but the calculation is a little different…. And simpler. If you reduce a constant 24/7 load by 10 Watts, you will “save” 10Wh per hour. That’s 240Wh per day and x365 would be 87,600 Wh per year, or 88kWh. Your math implies 20cents/kWh so that’s $17.60 per year.

Thanks for the explanation. Still, the fact that I could find this so easily with your device, it is amazing.
Probably not for this forum but how this calculation works if the usage fluctuates throughout the hour/day/year.
Is there a way to sum up all the usage (Kw) and calculate the KwH? Does anyone know an influxdb query for this?
Thank you