Corrupted IoTa from bad batch of SD cards

I’m helping a friend. He has two IoTaWatts, one he got a while ago and one he got on december 3rd. (order number 127861. It already died once, and lost all the data. I managed to rebuild it, having no clue about this issue, and then put it back into service. It is now dead… again, and I looked it up this time, and am now learning about this bad SD card batch… Is there any way we can recover the logs?

What we saw was it would (after a few months of running) make some kind of crazy spike in the data, into almost infinity watts… and whenever it tried to work with that, it would lock up. Now it won’t boot at all, and is flashing green red red.

But is there a way we can recover the logs? I’d love to not lose all that data, its been capturing his HVAC energy usage…

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I will send a new card. It will have the necessary files to run as new.

If you can access the old card using another computer, you can copy the config.txt file to recover the config. If not, once restarted, you can find another copy of the config in the SPIFFS file system on the ESP. Instructions are here:

Also, if you can access the old card, you can try to recover the datalogs by copying them from the old card:


If you subsequently have any trouble accessing the history, the files are damaged and you will need to remove the SDcard and delete those files.

Is there any way to chop off the last little corrupt bit of a history log and be able to recover the months of good data?

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No, there is not.

Darn. Ok… I’ll tell my friend to start setting up a database for the sake of backing up stuff