Crossover of some kind?

I’ve recently added some additional CTs to some of my circuits, and today I noticed some “crossover” which I’m a little surprised by. Note these two graphs for example.
The one with the green graph shows amount of electricity “produced” by my solar PV panels which at around 8:30 PM goes from an insignificant amount to 2.5 watts. And around 11pm drops down again. Adding the graph for my EV charger shows that it starts and stops charging at the same time.
I’ve got two similar graphs from today (but at a different time) showing the EV charger supposedly using electricity in a pattern that matches that of the oven in the kitchen.
I’m not suggesting this is an iotawatt problem, but I am curious as to what is going on here. If there is a layman’s explanation I’m all ears.

The plots with both inputs, the high load and “sympathetic” load put it into perspective. The “sympathetic load is 1W in the EV with the oven on, and 2.5W in the case of the solar with the 7kW EV load. They both look like flatlines when on the same graph. These are 240V loads so they are probably configured with “double”, so really 500mW and 1.5W

Most likely the cause is that the CTs are picking up some noise as they run by high current conductors in the load center. You can try moving the cables away from high voltage wires if you see a need to.