CT Clamp Compatability

I am looking for low profile CT clamps as the 200 AMP ones that came with the kit is just that little bit too big for the space I have.

I know the ECS25200 split core clamps aren’t available through IoTaWatt anymore due to rising costs, and in looking for alternatives I found these. Will these work with IoTaWatt? Hard to eyeball them to tell if they are ECS25200!

My solar panel clamps are already in the panel, so I was hoping I could get something of similar size. (See picture attached for reference)

Thanks for any advice!

Sorry to resurrect an old thread - but did you get these working with IotaWatt? I’m struggling for space as well

I didn’t try them in the end, IotaWatt contacted me directly and sold me an ECS25200 directly.

Frustratingly, I still need smaller clamps!

@dannytrigo @A4iH2sYdJRYu6o

Please look at this thread where we recently figured how to use the Emporia Rogowski coils with IoTaWatt.

I think I may have another set of the 200A clamps available as well. PM me if that’s your pleasure.