CTs for 100A Service - US - CH Type Panel

I am interested in purchasing IoTaWatt system to better monitor and understand the current load across the different branches in our home. I have labeled some of them to give an Idea of where things are. I was wondering which CTs and type would be most appropriate for our panel. I would like to monitor as many branches as possible and assume the 50A type would work for most. However, for the 100A MAINS, 240V 20A dryer, 60A stove and 60A sub panel breakers I was unsure which CTs made the most sense. AC1 and AC2 are window units with dedicated circuits. Reeftank is 20A dedicated.

If the mains cables are less than 16mm you can use 2x100A CTs. Everything else looks like 50A will work fine.

The two 60A 240V circuits (SubPanel and Stove) are three-wire, so will require 2x50A each.
The dryer is not a typical dryer in that it is only 20A and appears to be two-wire, so look like it will only need one 50A CT with the reading “doubled”.

When I see a panel like this, I entertain the possibility that it could be 120V/208V rather than 120V/240V. IoTaWatt can measure either, but requires using the three-phase capabilities if it is 120V/208V.

I apologize, the 20A 240V is actually for the electric water heater. The dryer is 3 wire on the subpanel with the heated floor. The house is 100yrs old and has no central cooling(Just AC1 & 2 Window Units) but has a central hot water gas fired boiler with electric start. I am unsure why they went with a separate electric water heater on the household water?

How many 50A sensors would fit in a panel like this?

The limitation is 14 inputs to the IoTaWatt, but there are ways to combine circuits into one CT, combine CTs into one input, and combine the two legs of three-wire circuits to one CT.

Please review the documentation at https://docs.iotawatt.com/en/master/CTbasics.html