Current alarms?

Has anyone managed to add an alarm function to the IotaWatt (web-server) firmware, such that their PC would sound and/or display an alert when the current in a monitored circuit drops below a user-set threshold (for example)?

The challenge here isn’t sensing the alarm condition, it’s how to communicate it in a timely manner. SMS is the usual method, but that requires connecting to a broker to interface to SMS.

Check the Home Assistant community. There are several who have developed interfaces for IoTaWatt and HA and I believe HA has robust alert capabilities.

Depending on the urgency of the alert you have in mind, you might also look into using the alarm capabilities provided in PVoutput. You don’t need to have PV to use it, and I think the donator mode ($12AUD) can alert on one of the 7 extra inputs. IoTaWatt can be configured to send any metric to those inputs, including Amps.

Thanks Bob; some good suggestions there. I’ll do some research along those lines to decide which way to go.