Current value from the query API?

I’m trying to use Home Assistant to display the current Amp readings from my iotawatt but the problem is the HASS integration is too slow (30 seconds).

Is the query API the proper way to do this? ideally I’d like to get amp readings every 5 or 10 seconds. I read over the documentation but this is all still pretty new to me so I’m not quiet following.


You can define outputs with Amps as units. They will automatically appear in the status display which updates every second.

Another approach would be to plot with units Amps, specifying a time period of 30 minutes or less. The interval will be 5 seconds. f you then click “update” the plot will automatically refresh every 5 seconds with the latest value.

You can also use query to get the latest value(s) every 5 seconds.

Thanks for the reply but I’m trying to get this data into home assistant so I can use it in my dashboard there as well as for automations. The problem is that the current integration is too slow.

I was hoping to use the query api to export the current values in json. But I’m struggling to wrap my head around how to use the api to grab just the most recent value.

You can get the json output from
So if you only want 1 value ==> make only 1 output and use

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