Custom IoTaWatt Package

I am a returning customer. I want to expand the number of circuits I’m monitoring. Is there a way of acquiring an IoTaWatt without getting the standard 120v package? I really don’t need more 200A and 100A CT’s. I’d like to be able to use 14 smaller CT’s with my “expansion unit”.

Not for the foreseeable future. The units are committed to the kits. You can specify 100A mains, resulting in 4x100A and 10x50A. The 100A will measure a circuit as well as a 50A. The difference in price is $11.20.

Can I buy the standard kit but add 2 (200amp CTs) for a total of 4 (200amp CTs) as I have 400 amp service with 2 x 200 amp main electrical panels (not including the subpanels)