Dashboard interface

Hello. I have had my iotawatt up and running for a few months. All seems well though I do have some wifi connection issues that are minor and probably related to my particular setup.

But the real question is, for a non programmer like myself, is there an interface dashboard anyone can recommend where I can setup running graphs and charts to view and not have to query iotawatt every time I open it. Seems like there is much more that can be done with this data than I am getting from just viewing the raw data on a busy single graph.



Influxdb to capture the iotawatt data
Grafana to display it.

There are plenty of tutorials on the web on setting this up. You do need an ‘always on’ computer to capture the data. I use a pi but others use Synology NAS or old pcs or Macs.

Slightly dated but still useful

You can also upload to Emoncms.org for a nominal fee and use the dashboards and apps available with that system.

Thanks. Ill read what I can. This is not straightforward to me.


I can afford nominal for convenience.