Data export behavior and strategy

Hi all,

I have Iotawatts that will be running for 2 weeks to 1 month in locations where they don’t have access to the server where I eventually want to store the data.
Eventually, at the end of the period, I want to move the units to a different network and export all the captured data to an InfluxDB endpoint in that network.

If I add the InfluxDB to the Iotawatt config at the end of the period, will Iotawatt publish all the time series starting from day 1? Or will it only send data captured after the server was configured?

If that doesn’t work can I configure the InfluxDB on day 1, let the Iotawatt capture and fail to export for two weeks, and count on it to catch up once I move the unit?

I understand the risk of an SD failure and losing the data, I will live with that.


[Edit]: just saw in another post that the InfluxDB config has an “export history from” entry, so that solves the pb I guess. My older unit didn’t have that in the emonCMS config, so I assumed Influx wouldn’t either.

They are both acceptable and workable solutions, although it seems like just doing it once on day 1 is a whole lot easier.

SD failures are an urban myth. In the early days, IoTaWatt had SD issues that were eventually traced to firmware issues. Those have been resolved, and I haven’t heard of an SDcard failure for a long time. After years in the business, I understand the need to have a goat when something goes wrong, and the lowly SD card can say baaaah better than most other components. I think it’s a bad rap.

There’s really no such thing as an older unit from a functional point of view, there’s only units with old firmware. There is a free, secure, and reliable auto-update process. All you need to do is subscribe
to it in the config app.