Data Export For Virtual Access

Hi, I’m using the IotaWatt monitor for an engineering project at school and my group is having trouble exporting the data. We are trying to monitor the energy consumption in homes that are not our own, which will require us to do so virtually. It seems apparent that in order to access the data collected by the monitor, the device on which the data is uploaded through the server must be connected to the same wifi as the monitor. Are there any suggestions to work around this so that multiple people can have access to the data virtually?

This is really more a networking question. IoTaWatt has a few ways to access its data including both push (uploaders) and pull (query).

In one sectence you are asking about exporting the data. IoTaWatt has no problem exporting to an external database using the uploaders. You can setup an instance of influxDB (1 or 2), or emoncms. There is also a cloud version of emoncms available.

In another sentence you ask about accessing the data, which implies a pull protocol. IoTaWatt has a web server with a query capability. You would need to setup the router to either setup the router with a port passthrough to the IoTaWatt (recommend setting passwords) or setup a VLAN in the home so that you can virtually access the home LAN and thus the IoTaWatt.

I recommend you find someone with networking skills to sort it out.

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