Data importing to home assistant but can't access dashboard

I when I type in my Iotawatt’s IP address from my home PC or phone on the same network, it’s claims the site can’t be reached. But I’m still seeing power data coming into my home assistant energy and power monitoring dashboard. Tried power cycling, but I got nothing.

Any suggestions?

I should add that when I try to ping the devices IP address in a command prompt, it looks like the below.

Looks like a simple restart on the router fixed it. Sorry for the thread creation!

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That is the usual solution. Many people come here complaining about similar problems. The usual answer is, “you’re Wi-Fi is messed up”. Most people don’t like that answer.

I had an issue a few days ago. I have a Unifi system so it gives me more information. It thought things were fine, but it seems the IotaWatt had roamed to a different access point. It did this because the one it should be using rebooted at 3:00AM. Turns out there was an automatic update and everything restarted. The AP closest to it took longer to come up. I restarted the AP that it was attached to and it then picked a better one. This is the reason I previously always used unique SSIDs for multiple APs and had them more separated.

Glad you got your issue resolved.