Data sampling rate

I’m keen to know what is the data sampling rate, and can the time interval be set per input?

I’m referring to the aggregation of the data, not frequency (physical sampling ADC)

Looking at a 230Vac 50Hz (Australian) application.

It takes 1.5 AC cycles to sample an input. At 50Hz that’s 30ms. The configured inputs are sampled round-robin. You cannot change that.

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Do you know if the sample rating is statistically aggregated ?

If so, what are the time intervals written to the data storage ?

Can the time interval be changed per input ?

The samples are accumulated as Wm (Watt milliseconds). Every 5 seconds the totals are converted to Wh (Watt hours), normalized to the time interval, and saved in the datalog. That data is retained for one year. A parallel history log is maintained with one minute averages and is retained up to ten years.
VA is also recorded in the same way as are Volts and Hz for voltage channels.

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